Vartika Gandhi

Judge a snack by its packet/ Packaging Design

The Gharana currently offers Healthy & Nutritious Snacks, Instant Mix, Flour & Nuts/seeds that are pretty different from the products offered in the market for which we designed mouth-watering packaging and labelling.

The 3Ps branding framework that we followed:

1. Purpose: What is your value proposition? Why do you exist?

2. Positioning: The differentiator point from the competitors.

3. Personality: How should your brand look, feel and sound?

The value proposition was quite apparent from the beginning: to bring the farm's raw ingredients and manufacture them directly, at competitive pricing. And to appeal to young people and teenagers, the brand should appear trendy and appealing with bright colors.

We started off with Chana Sattu Instant Mix, the pouch packaging design uses contrasting food colours that are entirely related with the colour of sattu. To appeal to the rural community, the design strategy was to clearly illustrate the energy that a consumer will gain. We intended for the packet to serve as a reminder to the consumer, the Sattu's health advantages and ease of consumption.

The visual message we added solved the purpose of the product & it’s marketing. Kholo, Gholo, Peelo; will help the brand and product to market and clearly communicate the product's uniqueness. 

The snacks packaging design uses bright food colors to make it stand out in the shelves that are associated with snack brands.

Every product line is built on the imagery of the ingredients and spices that go into making it. The colours red and yellow induce people to feel hungry, which further aids in sales. The photographs of the genuine goods will aid in accelerating the purchasing choice. The packaging design for food raises the bar for both the business and its products.

-------- Last but not the least, to highlight the lip-smacking cheesy flavour, it needed to be a little cheesier.

"Amazing use of colour, graphics, fonts, shape, and other design elements results in outstanding product label design."

If you have a wonderful product, let us help you out with the packaging design to stand out and to not fit in with everyone else.