Vartika Gandhi


Krishnamurari is the one who conquered everybody’s heart by playing his flute. My latest acrylic painting that I am certainly in love with, I came across this digital illustration of Lord Krishna’s painting on Instagram. I was mesmerised by the beauty of colour and layout composition. The soothing yet bright colours connected our hearts with this painting.

The overwhelming thought of painting this on canvas made me forget about the eccentric details of the painting. Later, after the sketch and first layer of colour, I started analysing the importance of each minor detail of the composition that made it simply soo beautiful.
The coral leaves & fishes moving towards the boat are directing a perspective towards Lord Krishna making him the hero of the composition. The eye movement flows around the painting with the flow of the Lord’s clothes.
The painting approximately took around 35 hours within 3 months (time left apart from a full-time design job), this painting is painted on acrylic medium on the white canvas.